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Located in the heart of the Niagara Region, Nia-Chem Ltd. has been operating as a Canadian, family run, industrial MRO distributor since 1987. Nia Chem Inc. has partnered with the best manufacturers to provide Canadians with competitive, high quality, innovative material handling machinery to improve productivity and safety. Let us review your application, understand your needs and suggest equipment that will work best in your surroundings.

Nia-Chem Inc

Commitment to Quality

We offer products from over 1,000 + leading manufacturers specializing in Industrial Chemicals, safety, welding supplies, tools, fasteners and many more.

Trustworthy Customer Service Support

As a family run business we are heavily invested in product knowledge, accountability and sourcing to make your life easier.  We provide a personalized vendor managed inventory for cost savings and accountability.

FREE shipping on orders over $75 in selected areas